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Our trainers have 15+ years of experience in data analysis & data visualization. We provide 100% hands-on training with real time examples, which gain confidence in creating advanced dashboards and working with complex DAX formulas. We conduct interactive and instructor-led Power BI Training for Corporate and Working professionals.

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Empower your team's analytical capabilities through our tailored Power BI Corporate Training. Discover the art of transforming raw data into strategic insights, driving informed decisions and business growth. With experienced trainers, practical learning, and comprehensive curriculum, our training equips professionals to master Power BI's potential. From data modeling and visualization to advanced techniques, our program covers it all. Elevate your team's data expertise and harness the power of insights.

Why Choose Our Power BI Corporate Training?

  • Experienced Instructors: Learn from experts with hands-on experience in Power BI and data analytics.
  • Tailored Curriculum: Our training adapts to your industry needs, ensuring practical relevance.
  • Practical Learning: Engage in real-world exercises and case studies for effective skill development.
  • Comprehensive Approach: Covering fundamentals to advanced concepts, we provide a holistic learning experience.
  • Flexible Timings: We respect your business commitments and offer flexible training schedules.
  • Interactive Learning: Participate in discussions, interactive sessions, and Q&A for enriched learning.
  • Post-Training Support: Our assistance goes beyond training, aiding in implementing skills effectively.

What Our Power BI Corporate Training Covers:

  • Introduction to Power BI: Explore Power BI's components, interface, and workflow.
  • Data Transformation: Learn data cleaning, shaping, and integration from diverse sources.
  • Data Modeling: Create efficient data models and establish relationships for in-depth analysis.
  • DAX Formulas: Master Data Analysis Expressions to create advanced calculations.
  • Visualizations: Transform data into impactful visuals to convey insights effectively.
  • Dashboards and Reports: Build informative dashboards and reports for informed decision-making.
  • Sharing and Collaboration: Share and collaborate on Power BI reports within teams.
  • Advanced Techniques: Dive into advanced concepts like time intelligence and custom visuals.

Who Can Benefit from Our Training:

  • Business Analysts: Enhance analytical skills to extract insights that shape business strategies.
  • Managers and Decision-Makers: Make informed choices based on precise data analysis.
  • IT Professionals: Grasp Power BI implementation and administration for seamless integration.
  • Sales and Marketing Teams: Leverage data insights for targeted campaigns and market understanding.

Power BI Training Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Power BI

  • Understanding Power BI's role in data analysis
  • Introduction to Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service
  • Importing data from various sources
  • Basic data transformations and cleaning

Module 2: Data Modeling Basics

  • Understanding relationships and cardinality
  • Creating relationships between tables
  • Introduction to DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)
  • Measures and calculated columns

Module 3: Data Visualization Fundamentals

  • Introduction to data visualization principles
  • Creating basic visuals (tables, charts, maps)
  • Formatting and customizing visuals
  • Using slicers for interactive filtering

Module 4: Advanced Data Transformations

  • Advanced data cleaning techniques
  • Combining and appending queries
  • Conditional transformations using Power Query
  • Data profiling and shaping

Module 5: Advanced DAX Functions

  • Aggregation functions (SUMX, AVERAGEX, COUNTX)
  • Time intelligence functions (DATESYTD, TOTALYTD, etc.)
  • Working with calculated tables and date tables
  • Advanced DAX formulas and optimization

Module 6: Power BI Data Modeling

  • Hierarchies and role-playing dimensions
  • Managing table granularity and hierarchy levels
  • Handling many-to-many relationships
  • Advanced DAX patterns for data modeling

Module 7: Advanced Data Visualization Techniques

  • Custom visuals and marketplace options
  • Drill-through and drill-down functionalities
  • Advanced chart types (treemaps, gauges, scatter plots)
  • Conditional formatting and color scales

Module 8: Power Query Advanced Transformations

  • Unpivoting and pivoting data
  • Combining multiple queries using Merge
  • Advanced transformations using M functions
  • Error handling and query folding

Module 9: Advanced DAX Modeling and Optimization

  • Introduction to DAX Studio for optimization
  • Performance tips and best practices
  • Advanced time intelligence patterns
  • Using disconnected tables for advanced scenarios

Module 10: Advanced Visualization Techniques

  • Custom tooltips and dynamic visuals
  • Advanced formatting options
  • KPI visuals and indicators
  • Using bookmarks and buttons for interactivity

Module 11: Power Query Advanced Techniques

  • M code transformations and custom functions
  • Error handling and conditional logic in Power Query
  • Working with JSON and XML data
  • API integration and web scraping

Module 12: Power BI Service and Sharing

  • Publishing reports to Power BI Service
  • Configuring data refresh schedules
  • Collaborative features: Sharing, commenting, and annotations
  • Row-level security in Power BI Service

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